With the current climate brought by the pandemic, the works you'll about to see

are made by Kalayaan student artists that rose to the challenges of the pandemic

to ideate, craft and create artworks and continue to practice their art.

works are best viewed on a desktop or tablet

"Dogma" - Billy Adonis

Lamat ng moralidad at imoralidad sa sining


Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

Ang Dogma ay isang larong pang mobile o komputer na nagsasalarawan ng depiksyon ng langit/Paraiso at impyerno sa loob ng isang birtwal na kulungan, kung saan napapaloob ang bawat manlalaro bilang kalahok sa laro na kung saan nanganga-ilangan ang mga estratehiya ng pakikipag-paligsaan upang sa-ganoon ay manatili sa loob ng laro.

"Crooked Light" - Trisha Delgado

Crooked Light is a Multi-media artwork that consists of x-rays painted and embroidered on an acrylic glass that serves as a lamp box with lights to display and view the x-rays. The x-rays are the artist’s personal x-rays, which have been painted and embroidered with images that portray her feelings and emotions. It’s an artwork that depicts the artist’s experience with scoliosis.

"Steeped in tradition; run-down hereafter " - Gabrielle Avila Mantala

The art piece visualizes the painstaking stitches into homespun visions of daily struggles on societal standards and expectations of young Filipinas. It narrates conflicts between two unsuitable materials combined; creating an image that exists in the space between embroidery and the visual language of digital imaging. Merging contradicting elements, the artist embroidered on a printed portrait which gives off a new meaning between the image and the technique drawing tension onto two unsuitable combinations of elements. Using different types of Handwork/ Needlework, It is common knowledge that needlework is deemed as women’s work but in an unappreciated manner. Originally, it is considered as work only done at home or as a leisure activity. It was the main labour of women back then.

"Home Inside A House" - Francesca Blanco

A Home Inside A House is a participatory, confessional installation that manipulates space.

“There is no place like home” they say, and in this piece, the artist wants to be able to give the viewer the sense of having a home no matter how small the space is, which is why the artist will allow the viewers to touch the installation - rifle through the books, use the blanket, move the throw pillows around, and pick up the various items that are presented in it. The artist wants to explore and capture the essence of what it feels like to be at home since the artist feels like she has not been home for a while now.

"A Sweet Exchange" - Martine De Jesus

This work expresses a very small fraction of the experiences and trials that the medical front liners are going through during this Covid 19 Pandemic using a sugar cookie as the canvas and food coloring as paint.

Jasmine Cho said that “Cookies can make anything more palatable.”

And with that, the artist wanted to share some of the things medical front liners have to face in their everyday lives. These are the things that non-medical front liners will most likely never have to experience so this is the artist’s way of showing people that they should be more appreciative of the medical front liners.

"Pag-Alpas" - Sinta Elefaño

Pag-alpas is the act of escaping or breaking loose.

By creating this artwork that allowed her to reduce grief that had occupied her mind and had settled in her personal space for ten years, the artist applies the mundane actions of cleaning and elevated it into a work of art that posed to help her break loose from the shackles of her trauma. It is an attempt to see the space for what it really is: a room created for her by a person who loves her.

"Corona Virus: My Experience and how I coped with it" - Isabel Englis

The series of illustrations represents the Artist’s experience of being a covid positive patient. Her works helps her to heal and shares her painful experience being isolated for three weeks in a hospital room while grieving the death of a loved one. Being in that situation, the Artist challenged herself to create an artwork where materials are limited. She used empty boxes of medicine, facemask, manual guides as her canvas and pen as her medium. Through her art, it shows that even with limited materials it will not hinder an artist from being creative.

"Flora Fusion" - Garcia Joshua

The pieces explore customization on 1/6th scale fashion dolls which involves gathering materials and preparing them for doll customization.

The artist’s work incorporates and merges mixed media from recycled materials or making ones from scratch. Flora Fusion was inspired from the artists newfound hobby in plant care during the pandemic. The pieces were inspired from different types of plants which were combined to fit the aesthetic the artist had in mind.

"Biophilia" - Francis Flores

recycled and found objects

"Experience as a starting point" - Marinelle Mondejar

Experience is the source of creativity. While turning abstract into concrete is part of the normality.

Is it possible to integrate these things to create a craft?A specific art that decorates one’s body?

I dive in the reality to the complexities of mind in order to objectify abstractness.

We are different—different in experience, abstraction, and art. Dive into the process to discover your own pieces.

"Project: Banal" - Basil Nacionales

What if our ancient local gods and goddesses were celebrities? “Project: BANAL” is a digital fashion magazine-inspired illustration book featuring the Solar System reimagined as humanized, modern, and famous Filipino Pop icons. The nine characters in this book are named and influenced by deities from Philippine Mythology. The design of their clothing combines the styles from traditional (regional), modern, and haute couture. The purpose of making this illustration book is not only to acknowledge Philippine Mythology, but to uplift Filipino viewers by relating to the characters' diverse personalities.

"Reflections on Self-Isolation" - Julian Oreta

Reflections on Self-Isolation is an interactive piece made by Julian Oreta as a way to emulate for the viewers of the work, the art community, and himself, the feeling of self-isolation. By making a box of mirrors one can walk into, he uses this as a way to show how self-isolation is a choice (walking into the box) but also that there is always a way out (leaving the box).

"Lipunang Isinumpa"- Christian Agatep

Ang instolasyong ito ay nagpapakita ng resulta ng isang palpak at maduming sistema ng Pilipinas. Itong pampublikong sining na ito ay nagpapakita ng resulta ng mga mapang abusong mga mayayaman at mga nakaupo sa matataas ng pwesto ng Gobyerno ng Pilipinas, na ang mga nagiging epekto nito ay Kuropsiyon, Pang aabuso sa yaman at kapangyarihan, Pagkawala ng patas katarungan at Matinding kahirapan. Mga bagay na unti-unting humahatak sa ating bansang Pilipinas sa pinaka mababang estado sa buong mundo.

"A Life Changing Experience"- Kenneth Lim

Triptych intermedia assemblage tells the story of the artist before and after his near-death experience.

The artwork consist of personal belongings of the artist used in different forms of art.

"Ang Limbag ng Tarheta"- Niña Pacardo

This piece takes the artist’s personal viewpoints and studies on printmaking and translates them into tarot cards created completely through the artist’s own simulation of intaglio techniques. Each suit depicts a different strand of the artist’s printmaking journey: a brief timeline of Philippine printmaking, the artist’s personal artwork timeline, the process of creating this piece, and a few techniques of the medium. It was created using etching processes discovered by the artist, and printed using the artist’s crafted etching press, all during the restrictions of quarantine. It aims to appreciate Philippine printmaking and hopes to contribute to the growth of the medium through increased interest and knowledge from fellow artists, showing that printmaking is possible even in the comfort of your own home.

"Beacon"- Wilbert Panuelos

The piece wants to be able to at least reduce the idea or habit of wasting materials and making waste anywhere by introducing a more productive and enjoyable way to think of your trash, instead of throwing them away, we can transform them into something much functional or greater. This process is called Upcycling through recycling.

The artists' grandmother was very skilled as a seamstress, when he was just an infant she would manually create our clothes from any piece of fabric she could find. She would often be in her room using a home sewing kit.

"Revelation: A Manifestation of The Beast Within" - Exequiel Sta. Ana

Revelation: A Manifestation Of The Beast Within provides a useful starting point for identifying the features of one’s nature. Originally, it was a repertoire combination of experimental performance and installation to constitute a grievous assault on the sensibility and taste of institutionalized conservative views. It aims to examine the repressed "True Nature". The repressed part of one’s personality throughout the course of development, ‘the unbelievable – of what makes you repulse’. In these uncivilized layers resides the more-than-human character that we all have. how one’s reaction to his subconscious motivation directs his reaction to society’s inevitable persecution.

"Look Through The Eyes" - Casandra De Leon

This dog and cat lover artist wants to show the different aspects and stories of some homeless and helpless cats and dogs in Quezon City by exhibiting their imagined points of view and stories to the viewers through painting and sculpture that will somehow elicit empathy and concern to homeless cats and dogs. This artist have seen and witnessed plenty of abuse and neglect towards homeless animals which is very alarming and should be brought up for the sake of these animals to somehow change the viewer's outlook and be aware of what is happening to them that a lot of people fail to notice.

"Alternative Table"- Tiangco Simon

Both Judo and Physical Therapy taught the artists how to properly aid his body and which gave him the idea to develop his piece based on both Judo and Physical Therapy.

"Untitled"- Ivan Felicia

Ang mga piyesang ito ay hango sa mga mitolohiya ng aswang na ginawa sa estilo ng tattoo sa kulungan.

Pumasok ang ideya na ito dahil sa panahon ngayon ay kakaunti nalamang ang nagkakaroon ng interes

patungkol sa ating mitolohiya at isinama ang itsura ng tattoo sa kulungan sapagkat doon madalas nila

ginagamit ang mga aswang bilang simbolo ng kalakasan. Ginawa ito katulad sa proseso ng pagtattoo sa

totoong balat ng tao gamit ang makina pang tattoo at tinta sa tattoo.

"title"- Isabelo Velasquez

short description